#MerchMonday: ‘Outlander’ Edition!


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#MerchMonday: ‘Outlander’ Edition!

By Erin Phelps

Sing me a song of a good show that’s on

Say, could its merch be mine?

Oh, sorry. Just re-writing the Outlander theme song to be all about some great Sassenach-themed swag!

Even though it’s not 100% a romance, I first got into romance as a genre thanks to a binge-watch of Outlander. It was a show that made me crave more sex-positive and feminine-gaze-centered narratives in my life.

Now, Outlander’s fourth season is nearly upon us and it looks like the season is going to be all about Jamie and Claire setting up in America! I figured there’s no better way to celebrate than to look back on the early season of Outlander with some merch that reminds us of the Scottish Highlands, sexy dudes in kilts and a love story that spans actual centuries!

Sassenach Candle

Frostbeard Studios is a company that specializes in creating great bookish fragrances, and this candle is no exception!

Claire is able to survive so well when she time travels to ye olden days because of her knowledge of medicinal herbs. This candle, which references Claire’s “outsider” nickname, is therefore made with notes of lavender, thyme and basil.

Using this candle is the ideal way to fill the air with fresh, earthy smells. And soon it wouldn’t be hard to imagine being back in season one with Claire in her makeshift laboratory in Castle Leoch.

Je Suis Prest Cuff Bracelet

Cuff bracelets are very in right now, but it’s also not hard to imagine a simplistic style like this being worn by an Outlander character!

This upcycled copper band is emblazoned with the phrase Je Suis Prest which translates to “I am ready.” This is the motto of clan Fraser of Lovat, which is Jamie’s clan of origin!

Outlander Dragonfly Locket Necklace

In the second season, one motif is that Claire has a dragonfly that is encased in amber. This is absolutely symbolic of the way Claire is a unique specimen who is both frozen in and apart from the right timeline. But the dragonfly in amber also proves to be a wonderful clue to the possibility of returning to Jamie in season 3.

This locket beautifully represents the symbol of the dragonfly in amber. I appreciate it a lot, because it’s a subtle way to wear your fandom in everyday life! Only true fans will be “in the know” and then they’re likely to complement your great taste in jewelry and love stories!

Craigh Na Dun Artwork

One of my new favorite ways to decorate around my house is with fan art that is made to look like a travel poster. For example, I currently have a Stars Hollow poster in my living room that looks like it could have come from a tourism board instead of a cool Etsy shop!

This artwork features a lovely purple-tinged sunrise rendering of Craigh Na Dun, the stone circle that calls to Claire and plays a vital role in transporting her to a different time period in Scottish history.

I may never get to go to the Scottish Highlands, but this poster would be a SUPERB way to showcase my love of Outlander’s mystical settings!

Outlander Is My Kilty Pleasure Tee

Since becoming a romance reader, I like to subscribe to the theory that there’s no such thing as a “guilty pleasure.” We are all allowed to just like what we like and call it a day!

Kilty pleasures, however…That’s something different altogether!

I’ll admit that I had to include this shirt because the incredibly silly pun made me laugh. Plus, I usually prefer to showcase my fandom in more subtle ways. This shirt is a nice way to change it up, ditch subtlety, and show the world what kinds of books and pop culture I enjoy!

Jamie Fraser Cardboard Standup

While we’re on the topic of ditching subtlety, I might as well dive headfirst into peak Outlander merch mode.

Who wouldn’t want a life-size Jamie cutout of their very own?  It brings up seemingly endless possibilities!

He could be a great conversation-starter at an Outlander viewing party.

He could stand by your side as a silent but supportive companion through thick and then.

Or, as suggested by my best friend when I sent her the link to this product, he could be hidden in a friend’s shower, ready to provide a hilarious surprise when they least expect it!

Whatever your reasons, isn’t it nice to know that you’re just $40 away from your very own Jamie any time you need him?

I hope all of these goodies get you in the mood for the season premiere of Outlander. Dinna fash, Sassenachs, it’s sure to be another great season of historical drama!

About the Author

Erin Phelps just recently celebrated her first year anniversary as a romance reader! By day she works in a cool customer service job. By night she is a writer, pub trivia player and cat mom. Erin also loves a great new show on Netflix and any podcast that makes her feel like she’s hanging out with smart friends.

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